Tableau - Generative MusicAlbum Using Sense HAT

The Raspberry Pi has proven to be one of the most used and popular mini computer since it came out. Recently, Giorgio Sancristoforo, one of the best makers, has used a Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT to create a generative music album - The Tableau, An Endless Music Player that responds to reacts to environmental stimuli like atmospheric pressure, humidity, and temperature.

Tableau uses a Raspberry Pi 2 and a Sense HAT that provides all the data from the sensors, which is then processed to "evolve" the music that is being played in real time.

Sense HAT

 Sense HAT is an add-on board for Raspberry Pi, made especially for the Astro Pi mission – it launched to the International Space Station in December 2015 – and is now available to buy.

The Sense HAT has an 8×8 RGB LED matrix, a five-button joystick and includes the following sensors:

    Barometric pressure

It also have a Python library providing easy access to everything on the board.


The music of Tableau reacts to temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, space and magnetic field.
There is no need for screen, keyboards, mouse etc
All you have to do is just plug in the power sources to your pi and connect the speakers 

New albums will require just a micro SD card